Joseph Photo

Joseph Photo

Hong Kong Professional Wedding Photographer, Portrait, Event, Commercial


Since 1983, we have witnessed over ten thousand couples tying the knots and starting their new life together. We’re glad to be friends with many of them and we have become their family photographers since then. From getting married, having the first child, annual birthday party, parents’ birthday, company celebration, to the family portraits taken at our studio… it’s our pleasure to take part in these precious moments and to share the happiness together. Thank you for believing in us! It’s your trust and care which motivate us to deliver exceptional work and make us whole. Stay tuned to our upcoming work and thank you so much for your support and encouragement all these time.
四月 28, 2019


攝影師全程指導姿勢,不斷重複影相俾意見為咗將我哋最好嘅一面展現出嚟, 十分推薦。

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