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Colorholic Gossip 是一間位於香港的品牌推廣公司,服務範疇包括品牌包裝設計、APP開發、平面設計、商業插畫、廣告推廣、網站設計與開發、 推廣文案、網店開發、攝影、宣傳片製作等等,入選 DIP III 設計創業培育計劃公司2017 及 樂風成就您想創意創業計劃2018-2019 – 十強得獎者
Colorholic Gossip provide Creative Idea, Quality Design & Efficient Service to our valuable clients. We believe branding is the core of a business. Our services included Character Licensing, Branding, UI/UX development, Animation and Graphic production. From concept development, brand strategy to visual production, we provide a comprehensive and perfectly customized marketing package for our clients. Our mission is to invert creation which does not consist of aesthetic visual but most importantly a strong and clear message delivered by eye-catching and colorful approach. We are sure advertising is a very effective way to raise brand awareness and hence increase sales. Colorholic Gossip is one of the incubated companies of Design Incubation Programme, Incubation GBA Programme and Lofter Startup Achiever Competition 2018-2019 – Top Ten.