Job Openings

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Looking for a job? Eager to work in a digital and technology-oriented business while not losing your work-life balance? Passionate about how innovative technology and business solutions can change the way business operates? If any of that applies to you, then you’re half way in!

Apart from these, we also welcome high-calibre candidates, whether in programming, growth hacking, or marketing. Perks? Flexible working hour, remote office, attractive remuneration, upbeat team environment (lots of meme-sharing, mocking, bullying, etc), stock share options, commissions… and many more! Why don’t you just apply now?

Please refer to the brochure here:

Apply at: 

If none of the above positions look appealing to you but you still think you’re a great fit with our team, we also welcome open applications to whatever position you like (Not CEO, of course)! 

Send us an email at, tell us why you’re a great fit and what you want to achieve here, together with your CV, and we’ll reply you in a few days with a Yes or No !