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You need productive humans?

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Together, we

We reshape corporate and business outsourcing by brining the best-match profiles to corporate clients, not just throwing over-qualified personnels that don’t match your needs and budgets.

Our agile yet comprehensive approach powered by data puts your tasks at the centre of every solutions.

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Our advantages, your productivity.

What we do

Efficiency and Synergy.

Our outsourcing solutions has two goals only: Sourcing only best-match profiles, with the best economic value.

Advanced Screening

We provide a carefully curated list of talents or studio profiles according to your needs, based on their reviews, ratings, charges and experiences.

Professional Quotation

We list charges and descriptions for every item clearly, with various calculation basis available to streamline your accounting process while achieving compliance.

Talent Group Formation

For larger tasks that require talents from different fields to collaborate, we group the best-match talents by considering their availability, team-working ability and more.

Dedicated Account Manager

An assigned account manager is provided for all corporate clients to support you from onboarding to review, even in non-working hours and holidays.

Easy Onboarding

Save your engineer/guru’s time. With our easy setup tutorial, anyone can get it done in minutes – if not seconds!

Journey and Follow-Ups

We accompany you from listening to your needs, choosing your best-match, to onboarding, dispute resolution, and task review. We’re always here!

Extra, Massive Discounts

Loyal corporate clients are entitled to receive more than 10% cash discount when hiring talents and outsourcing – we also ensure you get the talents before anyone else!

Extensive Selection

With more than 100 categories of services on Banana Portal, finding the right one is the last thing you have to worry – we’re just so good at it.

How we do

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